Mining with Minosis has a huge benefit. The biggest...  We've done the hard work for you so our software can get you mining quickly.

Mining crypto currency is a stunning way to add to your wealth. Many people consider it a passive income because after a quick setup, you earn income continuously.

Even when mining currencies other than bitcoin, our system can still payout in Bitcoin. This is a compelling advantage because you can mine the most profitable coin while receiving your earnings in the  most popular crypto currency.    

Bitcoin is the oldest and most common form of crypto currency . It has grown in value throughout the years and most experts consider it the safest form of crypto currency. 


No Contracts

There is no need for a long term contract with Minosis, start mining today without risk. 

No Minimums

There is no minimum investment, mine at your pace.      

Immediate Service

Signup, pay and see immediate results.

Pay as you Go

Pay what you want, when you want and get rewarded.


Real Time Statistics

See in real time what your investment is earning.

Hash Rate

Choose a hash rate and protocol or coin of your choice and watch the performance.

Profit Calculator

See your profits in the form of reporting in our dashboard.

Coin Choices

Mine a coin of your choice if you have specific requirements.


Start accumulating ETH immediately!

ETH is one of the largest crypto currencies and has many features others don't. This makes it a compelling currency to mine.


Bitcoin is the leader in the market!

Bitcoin is and will likely remain a market leader for a long time! Many believe it is the most relevant and secure crypto currency in existence.