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Crypto Currency Mining

Crypto mining is about solving complex equations

The faster crypto equations can be solved, the more crypto currency can be mined. There are many crypto currencies and protocols, by mining with Minosis results can be maximized due to the diversity of the coin we mine and the associated algorithms yielding the highest profitability.

Mining Hardware

Computers are powered by a number of processing units, CPU's and GPU's are the most common components used in a standard computer to mine cryptocurrency. Many common computers have these components laying idle and many don't know they could be making money with hardware they already have. 

Electricity Costs

Electricity is a cost for crypto mining because it is what powers the computer. The more work the computer does, the more energy is consumed. Because crypto currency mining is very work intensive it takes a lot of power. This is why miners in locations with low cost power make the most money. 

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees and pool fees are both elements that effect the crypto currency markets. Anytime a transaction occurs a small fee is imposed, when crypto miners share resources, a pool fee applies. These are important considerations for miners and Minosis streamlines the process of deciding the best mining for you. 

Mining Pools

A mining pool is a group of miners all working together because mathematically the chance of any one miner unlocking a block is small. By working together miners can solve a block as a group and split the reward.

Mining Difficulty

Cryptocurrency difficulty is constantly increasing to keep crypto currency secure. This is because crypto currency is protected by complex lengthy calculations and as computers advance the difficulty also needs to be advanced.

Block Reward

When mining, the goal for miners is to get a block reward. This happens when the miners compute a solution to a block. Then a small portion of the crypto currency is provided to those who helped solve the block. This is called the block reward and is what miners mine for.   

Benefits of
Mining Software


We provide software that can detect and utilize hardware that is in common computers.


As crypto currency has become more popular new coins have appeared. Our software makes it easier to find and mine the most profitable coins.


We make it easy to start mining, and get paid in either the native currency you mined or withdraw your earnings in BTC.        


Our systems are designed from the ground up to be secure. Mining is an investment and keeping your funds safe is our highest priority. 

GPU Mining

Graphical Processing Unit

Today's computers generally have under utilized GPU's. No need to waste that resource..

GPU utilization performs crypto mining with a Video Graphics Card or other installed specialized board.

CPU Mining

Central Processing Unit

All computers have Central Processing Units

Some Crypto Currency and Blockchain tasks can be most efficiently performed by CPU’s and so these tasks often represent the greatest rewards

ASIC Mining

Application Specific Integrated Circuits

Dedicated devices that are tailored often times to a particular mining or block chain task

Often times represents the most profitable operation but also can have a significant upfront cost