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Watch Your Profits in Real Time!

Once the software is installed, it takes only minutes and you'll be mining immediately.

Hash Power

Advanced hash-power marketplace!

Rent out hash-power and mine the world's best crypto currency.

Unique Payout System

Our customized payout system creates incentive to join our network.

Dynamic and controlled financial payouts create unique opportunities to earn money.

Monitoring Mining

Get alerted about changes in your hash rate, profitability of coins and market condition changes as they happen with our advanced monitoring system.

Access Management

Create accounts for colleagues and partners, integrate APIs and conduct your crypto business with high security.

More than meets the eye...
Simply Mine

User Experience

Now you don't have to be a computer expert to Mine crypto currency. At Minosis we have created a system that any computer user of any skill level can mine crypto currency.

Crypto Security
as expected

Crypto currency miners keep the Blockchain networks running. It is a crucial part of keeping crypto currencies safe and secure.

Logistical Mining
Operation Design

Want to build a industrial scale mining operation? Minosis has the experience, contacts and success at PETA hash rate levels, can save you money and create a smooth operation.

Our Product Suite


Full Service Online Dashboard

You control all your mining settings from an easy to use dashboard. Whether you have one miner or hundreds of mining rigs our dashboard simplifies mining.



Auto Detecting Bitcoin Mining Tool

Our cutting-edge software automatically detects your computing resources and optimizes mining. Windows , Mac and Linux versions all available soon.



Advanced Directed Tactical Pooling

Our software targets the most successful pools, leveraging technology and market conditions for the greatest profits.



Support for all your mining needs

Offering deep support enabling a vantage point of success from strategy to development of your mining operational needs.